What is the Definition of Amalgam?

Dental fillings, such as amalgam or silver fillings, are used to fill gaps and cavities caused by tooth decay. The amalgam may comprise liquid mercury, powdered alloy, and maybe silver, tin, and copper. Dental amalgam is often used to replace decaying teeth because of its flexibility.

Is Amalgam Safe in Dentistry?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Amalgam fillings were found to be safe for adults and children aged six and older.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam?

Amalgam binds the alloy particles together with mercury to form a solid, durable filler. Mercury, due to its unique properties, plays an important role in amalgam fillings and adds to the endurance of dental restorations. Amalgam fillings include around 50% mercury and the remainder is a powdered tin, copper, and silver alloy.

Are There Alternatives To Amalgam?

Other materials that dentists may employ to reconstruct teeth include porcelain, composite resin, glass ionomer, and resin ionomer.

What is more to Know About Cavities other than Amalgam?

Cavities may be filled with materials other than Amalgam, such as porcelain, composite, and others.


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