Bicuspid Tooth Definition

Between the canine teeth (cuspids) and the molars are the permanent bicuspid teeth (molars). Because they erupt before the molars in the mouth, bicuspid teeth are frequently referred to as “premolar teeth.” A bicuspid tooth has two cusps or points on the crown. There are two points, as indicated by the prefix “bi.” Teeth with two root ends are known as bicuspid teeth.

Are Bicuspids Permanent Teeth?

Yes. Permanent teeth called bicuspids may grow between your front canines and back molars. Between the ages of 12 and 13, the teeth that make room for bicuspids often fall out. This is often the age when bicuspids emerge.

Why Do We Have Bicuspid Teeth?

People with bicuspid teeth may eat almost any kind of food since they can bite and chew on a wider surface area. Because they help the canines and molars properly chew food, the bicuspids are extremely important.

Does Everyone Have Bicuspid Teeth?

Yes. A set of bicuspid teeth is present in every person. Early in adolescence, sealants are often placed on a person’s teeth to reduce the chance of dental decay by as much as 80%. Dentists often recommend this treatment as a prophylactic measure.


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