Anchorage Definition

The use of anchorage is a strategy for thwarting a force’s response. In orthodontics, anchorage refers to the employment of different strategies and approaches to stop tooth movement. Since anchorage is often utilized to repair malocclusions, it is a crucial problem in orthodontics.

What is the Importance of Anchorage in Orthodontics?

In orthodontic therapy, like as braces, anchorage makes it simpler to optimize the desired movement, decrease undesirable movement, and control space. Lack of anchoring reduces the efficacy of treatment.

What is an Anchorage Retainer?

An anchoring retainer, also known as a temporary anchorage device (TAD), is a tool that orthodontists use to push, pull, and lift difficult-to-adjust teeth into the proper position when teeth need to be realigned.


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