Cool color ideas for braces

Choosing a color for your braces might be challenging because the wrong hue will not complement your mood, personality, or style. Most people fail to select the perfect color for their braces due to a lack of forethought.


Basics of Braces Bands Colors

White may seem ideal, but it is not always the case. White bands can dull your teeth and stain with time. Choosing braces color isn’t as simple as it seems, but we can help. Consider these factors while picking the appropriate braces color for you:

Age. Teenagers love brightly colored braces in single or many hues. Adults prefer neutral tones.

Skin tone. The color red or navy blue works well with lighter skin tones. These won’t help your skin look fresher or your teeth whiter. Darker skin tones look best with teal, brilliant blue, magenta, vibrant pink, or ruby red, which contrast nicely with darker complexion tones and make your grin stand out.

Eyes and Hair color. Colors that complement hair and eyes. Colored elastic bands look nice on light hair and eyes, whereas jewel bands look good on dark hair and eyes.

These band colors compliment the following eye colors:

  • Green eyes: Red, orange, purple, and green color braces
  • Blue eyes: Blue, pink, and lilac color braces
  • Brown eyes: Dark blue, and dark green color braces

Teeth shade. Choose colors that will brighten your teeth. Avoid stains like brown and yellow. Darker hues are desirable as they help brighten the teeth.


Frequency of switching bands for braces

Every visit, your orthodontist will tighten your wires, allowing you to change braces colors. Colors can change every four to six weeks depending on how often you need modifications.


Discovering the best colors for braces

The most popular color combinations are blue, yellow, purple, and pink. Your orthodontist can also help you choose a color.

What if you can’t choose between two colors? Then do both. Yes. You can mix two colors for your braces. Here are a few common colors:

  • neon green and pink
  • Pink and purple
  • Black and red
  • Light blue and navy blue


Tips for picking braces bands colors that brighten your smile

Purple, crimson, black, and navy blue can all make your teeth appear whiter. Even if they don’t make your teeth appear whiter, neutral colors like silver and gray can help hide discolorations.


Express creativity with braces colors

Having trouble deciding on a brace color? Here are some options for braces colors to assist you to make the best pick.

Your favorite color. The logical pick considering your favorite hue is already your favorite. If you have multiple favorite colors, you can combine them to make a statement.

Favorite sports team.Support your favorite sports team by wearing their colors on your braces.

Match your outfit. Pick the most popular color in your closet for your braces.

Holidays and events. Various holidays have their own colors, such as St. Patrick’s Day. This is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit by matching your braces to the season. You can also match your braces to key occasions like graduations and weddings.

Change of season. Is it winter? Summer? Spring or Fall? You can match the colors of the current season with the color of your braces.

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Colors for braces for girls

A recent study found that female patients prefer red and purple bands. However, there are other aspects to consider, such as the color that can make your teeth appear whiter.

Below are popular choices of braces colors for girls:

  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Aqua
  • Neon Green


Colors for braces for guys

Male patients preferred black, blue, and dark blue colors. If other things don’t interfere, male patients should choose the darker color. Suggestions for color:

  • Navy Blue
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Sky Blue

When going to your orthodontist check the braces color wheel to choose the right color for you. The color wheel can help pick the perfect color for you.



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