Category: Glossary of Terms

Anchorage Definition

The use of anchorage is a strategy for thwarting a force’s response. In orthodontics, anchorage refers to the employment of different strategies and approaches to stop tooth movement. Since anchorage is often utilized to repair malocclusions, it is a crucial problem in orthodontics. What is the Importance of Anchorage in Orthodontics? In orthodontic therapy, like […]

What is meant by Oral Cavity?

The oral cavity consists of the mouth, the inner surfaces of the cheeks and lips, the lower and upper gums, the anterior two-thirds of the tongue, the region behind the tongue, the little space behind the wisdom teeth, and the bony roof of the mouth. It receives secretions from the salivary glands and houses the […]

What is a Dental Adjunctive Procedure?

A dental Adjunctive procedure is a treatment that is required before, during, or after a dental procedure to ensure its success. A supplementary, subsidiary or additional dental procedure is another name for it. Who needs an Adjunctive dental procedure? Certain individuals may need extra surgery to verify that the implant is adequately surrounded by healthy bone. […]

What is the Definition of Amalgam?

Dental fillings, such as amalgam or silver fillings, are used to fill gaps and cavities caused by tooth decay. The amalgam may comprise liquid mercury, powdered alloy, and maybe silver, tin, and copper. Dental amalgam is often used to replace decaying teeth because of its flexibility. Is Amalgam Safe in Dentistry? According to the Food […]

Bicuspid Tooth Definition

Between the canine teeth (cuspids) and the molars are the permanent bicuspid teeth (molars). Because they erupt before the molars in the mouth, bicuspid teeth are frequently referred to as “premolar teeth.” A bicuspid tooth has two cusps or points on the crown. There are two points, as indicated by the prefix “bi.” Teeth with […]

Anterior Teeth

The twelve teeth on the front of the mouth are known as the anterior teeth. The “front teeth” are the name given to these teeth often. These teeth include the cuspid, mandibular, and maxillary incisors as well as the lateral incisors. The front teeth’s main job is to chop and shred food into digestible bits. […]

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