Anterior Teeth

The twelve teeth on the front of the mouth are known as the anterior teeth. The “front teeth” are the name given to these teeth often. These teeth include the cuspid, mandibular, and maxillary incisors as well as the lateral incisors. The front teeth’s main job is to chop and shred food into digestible bits.

What is the Anterior Side of Teeth?

The teeth at the front of your mouth are known as your anterior teeth. Your front teeth are the ones that are most noticeable when you talk or smile.

How many Anterior Teeth are in a Permanent Dentition?

There are 12 teeth in the permanent dentition at the front of the mouth. The canines (cuspids) and lateral incisors, as well as the maxillary and mandibular central incisors, make up the anterior teeth.


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