What Happens if a Bracket on the Braces Comes Off

When your brackets get broken, it can be an inconvenience. Some people even get anxious or scared when it comes off during the duration of their treatment. Luckily, it is not a hard fix and it is not an immediate concern. Read correcting your bite.

Here we’ll discuss what causes the brackets to break and what you can do if it happens to you.

What Causes the Brackets to Get Broken

It is not uncommon for the brackets to break. As a matter of fact, the common problems patients of orthodontists face is getting the brackets broken.

This is due to the fact that these are fragile, and lightweight especially with kids clear braces. With this in mind, you should have known by now that the common cause is what you put in your mouth. During your consultation, your orthodontist will recommend foods that you can and cannot eat. For instance, you need to avoid hard foods such as popcorn, candies, and ice.

Your brackets won’t break apart on your first bite of a hard food, but if you continue on doing that it could completely snap. It can also cause the brackets to become loose. Remember that the Average Cost may not include replacement brackets if they break so take care of them.

A less common reason these break is when you are too aggressive with brushing your teeth that it has caused injury in your mouth. When brushing your teeth remember to only do gentle strokes and in a circular motion. This helps prevent the snagging of the wire bracket and will result in a cleaner teeth. Mouth injury is often encountered during sports like basketball or football. Use a high-quality mouthguard to protect your teeth.

What Happens if a Bracket on the braces Comes Off

You need to understand that when the brackets come off. it shouldn’t always be treated as an emergency situation. Since this is a common problem, there are many things you can do to try to fix it before your orthodontist can reattach it. But if you don’t take it to your orthodontist sooner, it can have long-term consequences that will not only cause a lot of damage to your teeth, but also increase the treatment time and treatment cost.

The brackets are the ones that put pressure in the areas of your mouth. When a piece of it is missing, it won’t be able to shift to its target position. This will result in most of your teeth returning to its original position.

If these have not entirely come off, expect to experience mouth sores. This is due to the portion of the bracket attached against the cheeks or gums. Over time the sore will worsen and when it is left untreated, it can cause an infection.

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How to Fix a Broken Bracket

When this occurs, the first thing you need to do is to assess the situation. Do not panic, because the more you panic the more you’ll have a hard time figuring out what to do. Inspect the bracket carefully then determine the extent of the damage. Check if it is loose or still attached to your teeth.

When it is loose, remove it from your mouth and store it in a safe place. You’ll have to bring these on your next visit so that they can safely reattach it. When it is partially attached, check if the loose side is poking on your teeth or gums. Check for signs of bleeding.

Get straighten your teeth.

You need to contact your orthodontist as soon as you can. During the call, your orthodontist will ask questions that will help then get a better view of your situation such as the extent of the damage, and what causes your brackets to come off. Describe what happened in detail. You will need an appointment time to meet with your orthodontist to fix it and make the necessary adjustments.

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