About Promontory Park, Greeley, CO

Promontory Park is a 600 acre master-planned community located in Greeley, Colorado. It is anchored by the 700,000 square foot State Farm office campus. Promontory Park offers passive recreation, breath taking views of Independence Pass and surrounding peaks, and overlooks where people can hear the roar of the Roaring Fork River. It is located at the upper terminus of the Burlingame Connector Trail and along the Burlingame Loop Trail. The green storm water system features bridges over a pond which contains salamander, trout, as well as many insects and bird species. Native and adapted plant communities can be found throughout the park. A shallow sand bench in the pond is an attraction for children while the terraces and overlooks make the park a gathering place for many visitors.
Residents and visitors alike can enjoy fishing in Promontory Park. This spectacular park, far from any congestion has a huge lake and ponds along its panoramic rolling landscape and numerous lovely trails if you would like to take a pleasant walk. You can sit for hours beside the waterside or watch the crimson sunset or just stroll around and enjoy the cozy quiet of lush nature. Promontory Park is, no doubt, a perfect place for people of all ages, and families for a weekend escape. Parents can also bring their little ones in the park to teach them how to catch a fish and at the same time, bond with them.

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