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October 6, 2021

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May 16, 2023

Image Source: Meeker_Memorial_Museum from Wikimedia Commons by Jeffrey Beall, CC BY-SA 3.0

The N. C. Meeker Home, commonly known as the Meeker Memorial Museum, is a historic structure in Greeley, Colorado. It was constructed in 1870 as a private dwelling for Nathan Meeker. Meeker created the Union Colony of Colorado, later became known as Greeley, as a homesteader. Meeker was essential in drafting rules to address the new community's irrigation concerns, which laid the groundwork for Western water law. Additionally, he founded and served as editor of the Greeley Tribune. Mr. Meeker served as an acting agent at the White River Indian Agency, when he was assassinated in the Meeker Massacre of 1879 near Greeley CO. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Meeker Home Museum is an adobe structure with two stories. The house is furnished with authentic 1870s antiquities, furniture, and fabrics. The City of Greeley, Colorado purchased the house in 1927 and converted it into the town's first museum. Since February 26, 1970, it has been registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

Brief History

People near Greeley CO, clubs, and the City of Greeley banded up to purchase the residence in 1928 and 1929. It was refurbished in 1959 and 1995 and became the city's first museum. In 1959, the home's 1884 brick extension and porches were demolished, restoring it to its former 1870 style and dimensions. Mr. Meeker suggested in his publication that the citizens of Greeley establish a museum and collect artifacts demonstrating how the Union Colonists established the town of Greeley and discovered how to irrigate the "desert." He would be surprised and delighted to learn that his experimental adobe residence is now a museum and that his small village of 500 people has expanded from one mile to nearly 42 miles in size and has a population of 76,000 today. Nathan Meeker said in the inaugural edition of The Greeley Tribune, “...the highest ambition of a family should be to have a comfortable, and if possible, an elegant home, surrounded by orchards and ornamental grounds, on lands of its own.” His mansion embodies his vision for a thriving and attractive society of citizens working cooperatively toward common goals. On the pocket-park grounds, the 1870 Meeker HomeMuseum displays magnificent Victorian-era furnishings and 9 informative markers. It is listed on both the National and Greeley Historic Registers. (Source: greeleyhistory.org)

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