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Published on

November 17, 2021

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May 16, 2023

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Greeley's only independent movie theater is the Kress Cinema & Lounge near Greeley CO. In addition to typical concessions, it is a full-service bar and restaurant that serves specialty wine, craft beer, cocktails, and gourmet small meals to moviegoers and bar patrons.

The theater, which is housed in the historic Kress Building in the City of Greeley, Colorado, makes advantage of the high, beautiful plaster ceilings to provide a wide viewing space with a historic feel. Customers can eat and drink in our theater while watching a movie, as well as in our lounges at any time in the location near near Greeley CO.

Film programming is varied, with historic, classic, and alternative films, as well as popular films, to accompany significant holidays and community activities. The food and bar serve the audience before, during, and after shows, and is open to all patrons, regardless of whether or not they are seeing the film.

The 2 auditoriums have state-of-the-art digital projectors, verified surround-sound systems, and 2 extremely large screens. Local companies can use the digital projectors for demonstrations or private events in conjunction to screening films. The bar and restaurant can also accommodate rental groups.



FIREPLACE LOUNGE: $95/hr with a 40-person capacity

AUDITORIUM : $150/hr for any time that does not interfere with the regularly scheduled shows. Any time that does not coincide with the regularly scheduled shows will be charged the full facility rate. The auditorium has a capacity of 85 people.
FULL FACILITY : $250/hr on Friday and Saturday evenings ($350/hr on Friday and Saturday nights). Depending on the regular movie schedule, this price may change.
MOVIE PARTY PACKAGE: For $350, you can spend 1 hour in the Fireplace Lounge before or after a 2-hour movie feature of your choosing in the theater. Only periods that do not overlap with the regularly scheduled showtimes are eligible for the Movie Party Package.


STANDARD APPETIZER BUFFET: For $11 per person, parties of 15 or more can order the Standard Heavy Appetizer Buffet, which features hot meatballs and wings, a cheese/fruit/cracker tray, a veggies/dip tray, and desserts.

ARTISAN APPETIZER BUFFET: For $15 per person, large groups of fifteen or more can order the Artisan Heavy Appetizer Buffet, which contains house-made hummus & fresh veggies, bacon-wrapped dates, charcuterie & pickled veggies, local artisan cheeses, cake truffles & cookies.
FULL MEAL BUFFET: For $24.95 per person, groups of fifteen or more can order the Full Meal Buffet, which contains 2 entrée options, salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, and dessert. Roasted chicken,  prime rib, or vegetarian spaghetti are some of the Entrée choices.


All beverages, such as coffee, soft drinks, tea, beer, wine, and mixed drinks, must be purchased from the full-service bar.
PUNCH SERVICE: For private gatherings, the bar produces a range of artisan punches and eggnogs. The cost of punch is determined by the gallon. Classic Eggnog (rum or whiskey), Clyde Common Eggnog (tequila and sherry), non-alcoholic fresh-squeezed lemonade, Philadelphia house punch (cognac, Jamaican rum, peach liqueur, lemon juice), and bespoke alternatives are also available. (Source: kresscinema.com)

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The Kress Cinema & Lounge

817 8th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: +19705155717

Head south on 8th Ave toward 9th St
0.7 mi

Turn right onto 16th St
2.3 mi

Turn left
82 ft

Turn right
Destination will be on the left - Taft Hill Orthodontics 371 ft

Driving Direction from The Kress Cinema & Lounge to Highland Park Lanes