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Published on

October 6, 2021

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May 16, 2023

Image Source - poudretrail.org

Rover's Run Dog Park is a lovely 3-acre area where dogs can run around freely. This park is friendly to dogs and their owners. Pet parents can relax on the park's benches while their dog runs around playing and making new friends. Owners can spend as much time as they want at the park because it has a portable bathroom. Pet owners are urged to pick up their dogs' waste and transfer it in the park's convenient trash bins. The dog park is open to dogs of all sizes and ages, but smaller dogs can fit through the wooden fence and wiring with ease. If you have a tiny dog, carry a leash with you to keep him near and keep him from fleeing. There are a few small trees in the park, but they provide very little shade. Keep your dog hydrated by bringing water and a portable bowl with you. Toys can be brought along to play fetch. The large open space is ideal for dogs who enjoy running around and have a lot of energy to expend. A nearby trail leads to a lake area, where dogs are encouraged to swim and splash around in the water. This is a fantastic adventure for water-loving dogs. However, while walking on the concreted trail that leads to the lake, you must keep your dog on a leash. You can let him off his leash once you arrive at the lake. Because the lake area isn't fenced in, be sure your dog isn't allowed to getaway. While at the park, keep a tight eye on your dog. If other dogs are playing aggressively with your dog, you should remove him quickly for his own safety. Altogether, this park is wide, welcoming, and enjoyable for both dogs and their owners near Greeley CO.

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The Trailhead for the Poudre River Trail

At the dog park near Greeley CO, there is plenty of parking. The Poudre River Trail runs parallel to the dog park's north end. To reach there, drive north on 59th Avenue and east on F Street from Greeley. (Source: poudretrail.org)


This park, which is situated on F Street in Greeley, features a parking lot as well as accessibility to the Poudre Trail for cyclists and pedestrians. The park features one enormous grassy gated area of three acres where dogs of all sizes can socialize.

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Information on Tourism

The park is open from dawn to dusk.

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Rover Run Dog Park

Poudre River Trail, Greeley, CO 80631, USA

Drive from F St, W 4th St and 35th Ave to Greeley
10 min (4.6 mi)

Drive to your destination - Taft Hill Orthodontics / Orthodontist: Greeley 44 s (453 ft)

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