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October 6, 2021

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May 16, 2023

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The picturesque Poudre River Trail is a juxtaposition of modern industry and good old nature, with scenes of man-made buildings and industrial regions, as well as lovely natural vistas and fauna located in the Greeley area. Not only for environment lovers but also for endurance hikers, this is a must-do activity.

The Cache la Poudre River near Greeley CO has a long history and is the heart of Northern Colorado's water supplies. The Greeley Poudre River Trail connects Greeley and Windsor in Weld County, Colorado, to a part of the river corridor. The Trail is a large, paved trail with a mild incline that is free of traffic noise and major intersections. The trail allows users to appreciate the natural beauty of the winding river, as well as the cottonwood trees and wetland grasslands that line its banks.

Biking, Hiking & Horseback Riding

While the trail is very easy to follow and fully paved, its length is ideal! It's designed for beginning and intermediate hikers, stretching 21.5 miles along the scenic Cache la Poudre River in Weld County. Don't worry, there are plenty of ups and downs, twists, and rivulets to keep this easy trip interesting. (Source: uncovercolorado.com)


The Greeley Poudre River Trail near Greeley CO is a 21-mile paved pathway that may be used for walking, running, cycling, rollerblading, and other activities. The route runs from Greeley's Island Grove Regional Park to Windsor's Colorado Highway 392, where it links with the River Bluff's Open Space trail in Larimer County. The path is free and open to the public, with explanatory signage highlighting several of the historical places and educational opportunities along the way. The route can be found in a variety of areas around Windsor and Greeley.


Despite the fact that most of the land surrounding it has been used for agriculture, housing, retail, or industrial purposes, the Cache la Poudre River Corridor has stayed in a semi-natural state. Don't be shocked if you see a large range of animals living beside the river. Deer grazing in the meadows or an eagle soaring over the cottonwood woodlands are common sights for trail users. The River Corridor is more than just a route; it's an outdoor adventure for people of all ages. (Source: poudretrail.org)

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Poudre River Trail

Greeley, CO, USA

Head south on River View Dr toward Poudre River Rd
9 s (118 ft)

Drive along N 71st Ave and W 10th St
13 min (5.7 mi)

Drive to your destination - Taft Hill Orthodontics / Orthodontist: Greeley 44 s (453 ft)

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