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November 17, 2021

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May 16, 2023

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Lincoln Park was once a part of Greeley.

New Englanders made up a large portion of the early settlers. Every town and city in New England had a common place or park. The common was located in the heart of town.

Greeley's master plan included a park, which was designed by John Sanborn. In April of 1870, a plan was devised. The park would be located in the heart of the city. It would be the equivalent of two city blocks in size.

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Lincoln Park spanned ten acres.

Illinois trees were brought in to be planted in the park. Luna Lake and Auricular Lake were the two lakes. Mosquitoes were an issue in the lakes, so they were eventually filled in with earth.

Pioneer Fountain is located in an older section of the park.

It is constructed on top of an artesian well. In 1885, a well was dug. The Pioneer Fountain was constructed in 1907. Citizens from Colorado Springs donated special trinkets to add to the stones. In the fountain, there are Maine seashells. There's even a snake that's been petrified! The fountain was built for $500.

The park's first drinking fountain was installed in 1906.

The fountain was provided by J.M.B. Petrickin. There was enough room for 4 people and 2 horses to drink from it. This fountain can be seen inside Hanna's Square in Centennial Village.

People occasionally wished to use a section of the park as a street or parking lot.

The Greeley Tribune has consistently advocated for the park's preservation. It has been written about how vital the park's beauty is to our community.

Many events are held in the park.

The Arts Picnic, held every July, is one of the most popular.
Memorial Day and Easter festivities are also held at the park. Families get together to celebrate weddings, reunions, and graduations at the park. People congregate at the park to hear speakers, listen to music, and relax. A good place near Greeley CO for such gatherings.

Fun fact: Greeley's first drinking fountain was previously located in Lincoln Park, but is now located in Centennial Village.

Source: greeleyhistory.org

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