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October 6, 2021

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May 16, 2023

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Bittersweet Park is a 1.9-kilometer moderately trafficked circle route with a lake that is suitable for all ability levels and is situated close to the Greeley region. Walking is the primary mode of transportation on the trail.

Length: 1.9 km
Elevation gain: 13 m
Route type: Loop


Twenty-one acres of grass in one of the city's most beautiful parks will be upgraded and changed with new native grass species as well as a new irrigation system as part of the city's effort to make the park more water-efficient. According to a press statement from the municipal parks department, the project is one of Colorado's biggest of its kind near Greeley CO.As construction teams are ready for the landscaping renovation, residents traveling along 35th Avenue or guests to the park should have witnessed fencing coming up around the pond-side grounds.Bittersweet Park's present ground-covering iteration is Kentucky Bluegrass, as per a webpage set up on greeleygov.com. Kentucky Bluegrass is a common type of grass that can be spotted all across the country. However, despite its popularity, the breed is far from being the most water-efficient grass.

According to the website, Bittersweet Park used more than 20.8 million gallons of water in 2018, enough to supply water to 706 households during that time.

While it's unclear how far less water this new native blend will demand, the combo of a hardier breed of grass and a substitute for the 30-year-old irrigation system is anticipated to produce a significant yield, according to Sarah Boyd, project manager for the Bittersweet Park project near Greeley CO.

This technique, according to Boyd, takes a long-term approach to water and resource management. During the first three years, while the new seed establishes itself, the park will likely consume somewhat more water than previously – or about the same amount. However, the city believes the long-term goals are worth the wait, especially given the project's $1.6 million prices.

“With native grass species, the aim is to decrease not only the amount of water but also the amount of mowing and chemical application,” Boyd explained. “The first year, when you're sowing the grass, there's a lot of weed competition, so you employ a combination of herbicides and mechanical measures to keep the weeds at bay. The grass is growing stronger, roots deeper, and outcompeting the weed kinds in the second year. The grass should be well-rooted, well-established, and competition should be low by the third year. At that time, you gradually reduce the amount of water you use.”

The present grass will be killed by a herbicide, allowing fertile seedbeds for the new species to grow. (Source: greeleytribune.com)

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Bittersweet Park

35th Ave & 16th St, Greeley, CO 80634, United States
Phone: +19703509390
Head east toward W 16th St
335 ftTurn left onto W 16th St
0.1 miTurn right
82 ftTurn right
Destination will be on the left - Taft Hill Orthodontics / Orthodontist: Greeley 371 ftDriving Direction from Bittersweet Park to Rover Run Dog Park