Invisalign Teen®

nullInvisalign Teen® is a variant of Invisalign® created specifically for teenagers. This orthodontic treatment procedure uses a system of clear braces aligners to straighten smiling and irregularly spaced teeth while letting patients eat, drink, and brush their teeth normally. The removable design is popular among teenagers since it allows them to wear mouth guards during sports or continue playing an instrument they are passionate about. While still getting the work done, Invisalign Teen combines comfort, convenience, and style.

Traditional metal braces can make eating, speaking, and maintaining clean teeth difficult for some teenagers, which is why Invisalign Teen has become such a popular option. Others experience self-consciousness and humiliation as a result of the metal brackets and wires, affecting their confidence and resulting in fewer smiles. Invisalign Teen® clear, removable aligners are an option for these individuals, according to Dr. Hardy. This ground-breaking method gives kids the tools they need to straighten their teeth in a virtually imperceptible way.


Choosing who will be responsible for your teen's orthodontic treatment is a difficult decision to make, but one that you should think about carefully. Contact or visit our clinic today if you're in or near Greeley, CO.

Why Should I Choose Taft Hill Orthodontics?

Dr. Hardy received advanced specialty training in orthodontics and has a wealth of expertise in repairing misaligned teeth, modifying occlusion (the way teeth fit together), and treating jaw issues. He also attends ongoing education and training in the latest cutting-edge technology, so you can rest assured that your children are receiving the greatest diagnostic and treatment tools available. Our nearby office provides a wider range of orthodontic treatment options than the usual orthodontist and has extensive experience with the Invisalign Teen system. The doctors and team at Taft Hill Orthodontics have demonstrated their ability to work closely with children of various ages and provide them with the one-on-one care they deserve. We want to offer a great experience for our patients near Greeley, CO while also providing them smiles they will want to share with others.

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