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In this helpful guide, we'll go over the definition of clear braces, explain the step-by-step treatment process, and other important facts.

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A bright smile is important not only for appearances but also for first impressions. The meaning of a person's grin can frequently reveal a lot about their personality. Clear braces Greeley are used to correct crowded and crooked teeth and jaws in the same way that traditional braces do, but using translucent or tooth-colored brackets.


What are Clear Braces?

transparent brackets braces for Greeley communityTraditionally, metallic braces have been used for correcting orthodontic problems in children and adolescents. The earliest models are now nick-named as "metal-mouth" braces.

Thanks to modern dentistry, patients are not bound to wear those ugly metal braces as today they have a choice. They can choose for the braces to be invisible, or have them in various colors to match their mood. In fact, in poorer societies, dental braces are considered a sure sign of affluence. In the developed countries, however, metallic braces are normally considered as an aesthetic handicap, because those are visible and hence, the wearer looks conspicuous.

Because people prefer their braces hidden, the dental industry has come up with various methods to reduce the visibility of the braces. This increases the cost but most patients prefer a more invisible brace than their more affordable counterpart. The most visible parts are the metallic archwire. What is an archwire? It runs across the front of the teeth in the jaw and the row of brackets on the individual teeth. It is a requirement for the archwire to remain metallic as it needs to be strong and durable. However, it can be made to match the color of the natural teeth to make it nearly visible.

The archwire is attached to the brackets with the help of colored or stock elastic bands. The material used for these brackets is ceramic, an oxide of aluminum, these braces are also called ceramic braces Greeley, CO. The elastic bands which hold the brackets to the archwire can also be made clear or tooth-colored.


How do Clear Braces Work?

How these transparent braces Greeley CO work is similar to traditional wire braces. The main member of the archwire runs along with the teeth of the jaw from one end to the other. Even in ceramic braces, the wires are made of stainless steel but to make it invisible, it is made to match the natural color of your tooth. It can also be made frosted or into silver. The archwire is the one responsible for exerting pressure on the teeth by the use of ceramic brackets attached to each tooth. The brackets are bonded to the teeth directly or through orthodontic bands and held to the archwire through tooth-colored elastic bands.

The pressure applied by the archwire on the brackets is transferred to the teeth. The pressure level is adjusted by the dentist in such a way that it moves to the desired position but it won't cause pain as much as possible. As the teeth move to the desired position, the pressure is released. The archwire requires re-adjustment to cause further movement. The adjustments are performed monthly or at fortnightly intervals at the dentist’s office. The procedure repeats regularly for one to four years depending on the severity of the case and the age of the patient. When the braces are in their proper teeth alignment, these will be removed. Your oral surgeon will advise you to wear plastic retainers or tooth guards to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original position.

Orthodontic brackets manufacturers

  • 3M Oral Care
  • GC Orthodontics
  • G&H Orthodontics



Clear Braces Adults


This type is of treatment is great for Dental braces adults, especially for those who are worried about how they'll look with metal braces. These small, translucent brackets are made to blend with the natural color of your teeth so that they are virtually invisible and more comfortable. Come and see us at our clinic if you're nearby Greeley. More on underlying jaw problem.


Clear Braces Kids

Kids and teens choose this type of Kids orthodontics because they have the option of changing their appearance. They can choose to have their braces blend into their tooth color and be nearly invisible. Or they can add colorful ligatures or bands to match their clothing or mood. This type is strong and suitable for correcting all types of bite issues.



Various aspects define the total cost of the treatment and insurance can help lessen it. You can consult with your insurance provider for more information and a more thorough explanation about your coverage. Our dental office offers clear braces near Greeley, CO. Contact us today and visit us if you're nearby to begin your journey towards a straighter smile!

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Clear Braces treats following issues:


Do clear braces take longer?

The time it takes to treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues of clear braces is the same as metal braces. However, clear braces are more expensive because of their aesthetic appeal.

Do clear braces turn yellow?

When orthodontists use low-quality braces, it can break down over time and discolor. This won’t be an issue with high-quality braces. Also, the elastic ties could turn yellow over time which makes the braces appear yellowish. Luckily, the ties are removable, and it can be changed every appointment. Visit our office today if you're near Greeley.


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