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Straighten Your Smile Discreetly in Greeley, CO

Beautiful New Smile Brand_Name City_Main_ManuallyInvisalign® is a type of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten the teeth without using traditional metal braces. It consists of custom, removable clear aligners worn on the upper and lower jaws to straighten teeth. Compared to traditional or ceramic braces, these orthodontic appliances are virtually invisible and can be removed with eating or brushing your teeth. We will provide you a set of discrete clear aligners that you’ll wear for 2 weeks. The aligners are made in such a way it exerts a small amount of force to the teeth to bring about its desired movement. Invisalign can fix problems like Underbite, crossbite, overbite, open bite malocclusion, and deep bites. After two weeks, the aligners have moved the teeth to its desired position; thus, you’ll wear a new set to move the teeth again. You’ll wear new sets of aligners every two weeks until your teeth are straightened. Once the teeth are straight, you’ll be wearing a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting back.

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The Advantages of Invisalign

There are plenty of Advantages to an Invisalign treatment. This includes:

  • It can be removed when you eat, drink, brush or floss your teeth.

  • Less time needed to sit in a dentist's chair compared to other braces.

  • Easier to clean; thereby, preventing tooth decay.

  • Shorter treatment time.

  • Removable & Comfortable

  • No wires or brackets

  • Invisible / Transparent

  • Customized to your Mouth

  • Advanced Technology Affordable Treatment


Types of Orthodontic Aligners available:


Clear aligners for Adults Greeley: misaligned jaw

Many believe that children and teens can only benefit from having a straighter teeth, but we shouldn’t neglect our own mouth. Since this type of treatment is made from translucent plastic, Invisalign is less noticeable and is more comfortable than metal braces. There are no visible signs of the brackets and wires that will distract you when you speak. These invisible braces are ideal for adults who want a better looking, and healthier smile regardless of age.


Invisalign Teen for Greeley, CO community

The original invention of Invisalign® was an exciting innovation in dentistry, but it was intended for adults only. Each aligner consists of a plastic shell that fits closely to all the teeth in a single jaw which means it leaves no place for a tooth to erupt during treatment time. This makes it impossible for teens to use Invisalign since the teeth of the young are still erupting. However, when it became popular because of the many advantages it has over standard dental braces specially in terms of aesthetics, the need for teens to use such treatment is imminent; thus Invisalign teens was created. With this type of Invisalign, there are tabs left in places where the teeth are expected to erupt. When it is near eruption, the tab is broken to allow for the erupting teeth to grow without problems. Therefore, the advantage of the original Invisalign is maintained while at the same time it allows for the eruption of new teeth. This type of orthodontics treatment is not available for pediatric or very young patients at this time, but don’t worry as there are Child orthodontics and Dental braces kids available for these cases.


Are there Invisible Aligners for Kids?

What is Invisalign First

Developing a great smile involves a variety of dental treatments to fix various dental issues early in the childhood even before all the teeth have erupted. Invisalign First is the next generation of treatment products aimed for children. It allows children to wear Invisalign to straighten teeth while allowing permanent teeth to erupt. It is a great alternative to children who don’t like to wear traditional metal braces.

Invisalign First is specifically intended to correct a wide range of teeth-straightening issues like arch development, tooth crowding, tooth protrusion, and narrow dental arches to enhance the overall appearance of the child’s smile. The trays are custom designed to gradually expand the jawline of growing teeth. Through the expansion of the arch of the area over time, skilled orthodontists like Dr. Timothy Hardy can help to correct a more serious oral health problem in the future.

Why Invisalign First?

Invisalign is a type of Phase One treatment that is used to make various corrections in the positioning of the child’s growing jaw. It offers the unique feature of expanding the dental arch and creating room for developing teeth. Invisalign can be used to treat various orthodontic issues such as:

  • Improve the width of the upper and lower arch.
  • Correct tooth protrusion or interferences.
  • Correct thumb sucking and improve minor speech issues.
  • Guide and correct the growth of your child's jaw.
  • Adjust the space for the crowded teeth.

What is Phase One?

Your child grows with the teeth around it. Even with their baby teeth, it is the best time for children ages 6 to 10 to start with their orthodontic treatment. This is known as Phase 1 Treatment.

The goal of phase 1 treatment is to improve the young jaws and arches to get enough room for the permanent teeth to grow.

How Invisalign First Works

Invisalign works through the expansion and contouring of your child’s jawline. This is called dental arch expansion. Through this method, your child’s teeth are pushed up to the point that it enhances the dental arch’s width.

The procedure to expand the dental arch begins with a consultation to know if the child is compatible with Invisalign First treatment. If they are, then your dentist will start the treatment by taking pictures, x-rays, and impressions of their teeth. Once done, these data are sent to the lab where a custom Invisalign First device will be made for your child.

Your child may need two or more aligners depending on their condition. There are certain conditions that your child may need to use attachments to help direct the pressure of the clear retainer device to the teeth.


Express / Lite for simpler teeth aligning

Invisalign Express has a faster treatment time compared to the original Invisalign treatment. Express works best for patients with less complicated issues as it only consists of a small series of aligners between five to 10 in which the patient will swap out every two weeks whereas traditional clear aligners can take 25 or more sets. Check out some Do’s and Don’ts for this treatment.

How long does Invisalign take?

The length of the Invisalign treatment will depend on the severity of the case, but on average treatment time can take from 12 to 18 months. Complex cases will need attachments to guide through the alignment and it can take more than two years while simple issues can take as short as six months.  depends on the severity of the case, but generally the treatment can take 12 to 18 months on average.

How much does it Cost?

Cost for Invisalign is estimated to range from $4,000 to $7,000; however, Insurance may pay up to $1500 for invisalign costs. The price includes retainers. On average, Invisalign clear aligners cost less than traditional braces. Payment plans usually start at $89 per month.

The Cost for Invisalign will depend on the patient's case One of the factors that affect the cost is the extent of the misalignment intended to be corrected. Also, the location of the dental office affects the cost. There are certain parts in the US where the treatment is more expensive in terms of services and fees. Within Greeley and nearby, some dentists will charge more than others, depending on their expertise and reputation.


What orthodontic problems can Invisalign treat?

For Crossbite

When there is a crossbite, the upper teeth are biting on the inside of the lower teeth. This will only occur on the front sides of the mouth. It is recommended to have these corrected as soon as possible.

Crossbites will be able to cause the following conditions:

  • The teeth has premature wear
  • Gum disease
  • Bone loss
  • Dilibidated chewing patterns
  • Unaatractive smile
  • Asymmetrical jaw development


Open Bite Malocclusion

Open bite malocclusions will occur when the upper and lower jaw is forced outward that the upper and lower jaw do not touch when you close your mouth. The timing of the treatment is important to the success of the Invisalign treatment.

If this condition is not treated, it can cause the following

Premature wear of the molars.
Unattractive smile
Jaw joint dysfunction


For Overbite

If the patient has an overbite, a significant overlap between the upper and lower teeth will be present. In an extreme case of an overbite, it will be able to cause a non-symmetrical eruption of the front and lower teeth. This can also affect the development of the bone which the teeth are supported.

An overbite can cause the following:

Lower front part biting onto the gum tissue, which could lead to periodontal problems.
Unusual wear of the lower part of the mouth.


For Underbite

When the patient has underbite the lower teeth bite the front teeth. This is often caused by the overgrowth of the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. This condition is caused by the flared lower incisors, tipped back incisors, missing upper portion, or a combination of each.

Underbite needs to be corrected immediately because:

  • Your smile is less attractive
  • It prevents the correct functions of the mouth.
  • Can cause jaw-joint dysfunction.


Gaps in teeth, Diastema

Tooth gaps is an oral health condition where there exist visible spaces between two or more teeth. This condition is common between the two front incisors. Diastema is a common type of minor misalignment that Invisalign treatment can fix.

When the gaps in the tooth are minor, it typically affects a few teeth and is not affected by the misalignment or other complications. In this case, Invisalign can be used to treat it.

When there are cases that involve the movement of the teeth or jaw, dentists will supplement the Invisalign treatment with elastics or attachment. These attachments are discreet and tooth-colored which permits the intricate tooth movement.


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FAQ for misaligned teeth care

Can I go to any dentist or orthodontist for Invisalign treatment?

Most dentists are trained for Invisalign treatment. Dentists who can perform this treatment must have completed specialized training for Invisalign. Visit our Taft Hill Orthodontics office to know if you qualify for Invisalign treatment.

How long will treatment take?

The length of the treatment will vary on the condition of the patient, and many other factors. One of the factors that affect the treatment is the complexity of the case and how often the patient wears the aligners. Treatment time can take from 12 to 18 months on average, but you can see noticeable results in a matter of weeks.

How often will I change aligners?

Your orthodontist will be the one to know how often you need to change the aligners. On average, patients change their aligners every week or every other week.

How many hours per day should I wear my aligners?

It is recommended to wear your clear aligners 20 to 22 hours per day. Remember to take it off when eating, brushing, or flossing.

Do Invisalign clear aligners contain Bisphenol A (BPA)?

Invisalign clear aligners are made of medical-grade thermoplastic polymers. This is the material used only for Invisalign and it has a long history of FDA approvals which means it is safe to use for long term in your mouth. Tests have been conducted to determine its biocompatibility and have passed all the regulatory requirements for it to be worn in the mouth.

Can I take my aligners off whenever I need to?

Yes. You can take off your aligners whenever you eat, drink, brush, or floss your teeth. You can also take it off whenever necessary such as during job interviews, special occasions, or when playing a musical instrument. Remember that you need to wear it for 20 to 22 hours to achieve the best result.

Will wearing Invisalign clear aligners affect my speech?

It can take a couple of days for your mouth to get used to the feeling of having these invisible aligners in your mouth. It can affect your speech during that time, but it should disappear in a few days.


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