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At Taft Hill Orthodontics, we commit ourselves to providing the highest quality comprehensive oral health care. As professionals of oral health care, we provide our patients young and old with a friendly and fun environment that they'll likely feel safe while we treat and teach you about oral hygiene. With regular visits to our office combined with good care at home, you can have cavity-free teeth and a lifetime of good oral health. Dr. Hardy will do everything to make sure you are always comfortable and always informed. 

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Since 2016
Since 2016

Orthodontics with custom appliances for a Beautiful Smile

Looking for an orthodontist in Greeley, Colorado? Patients of all ages prefer Dr. Hardy to help them achieve straighter teeth and correct any orthodontic issues. We offer aesthetically pleasing treatment like Invisalign and clear braces that are less obvious, yet more comfortable than other treatment options. We use the latest techniques and state of the art technology and be able to provide a brighter smile with less treatment time and even fewer office visits. During your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Timothy Hardy, he will create an orthodontic treatment plan that will help with your aesthetic needs and correct even the most complex issues with your smile. See our Financing Options.

Treatment Options

Inbrace, a hidden alternative to teeth braces

We are happy to offer InBrace. InBrace is the latest technology to position your teeth as it uses less force compared to traditional braces or aligners, thereby repositioning the teeth in a healthier manner. We will create a digital 3D replica of your teeth and virtually reposition it to recreate your smile. From the 3D scans, a smartwire is programmed for your specific smile and teeth. This smartwire is attached to the brackets on the back of your teeth that provide a comfortable, and gentle movement to bring it into its desired position at the shortest amount of time. With InBrace, you can brush, floss and eat normally. The wires don't show up, nor it will have the glare of clear aligners. Find out more about hidden braces.

Greeley, Colorado

Affordable Treatment with Advanced Technology Near Me

Our ALL-Inclusive Invisalign treatment includes:

- Your FREE consult

- All trays/aligners

- All Attachments

- All of your office visits included

- Your Teeth 3D scan

- Your Before & After photos

- AND Your first set of retainers

Orthodontist, Dr. Timothy Hardy

Dr. Hardy is an award-winning orthodontist. He is a recipient of The Everest Shapiro Award in Orthodontics, and the Dr. Harold Berk Endowed Prize Fund for Excellence in Research. Dr. T.C. Hardy is board certified by the American Board of Orthodontics a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists. He has also published and presented his research locally and abroad. Dr. T.C. Hardy works together with a team of professionals to build a comfortable and personalized experience for his patients. Dr. T.C. Hardy believes that your smile plays a vital role in your overall health, function, and self-confidence. Using traditional and Clear braces, Lingual braces, Invisalign, Invisalign teen, clear aligners help to achieve the smile that you've always wanted in less time with more accuracy and comfort than any other treatment possible. We have many Orthodontics treatment options to make the most effective and enjoyable experience as much as possible.

We serve orthodontics in the following surrounding areas: Evans, CO; Eaton, CO; Windsor, CO; Severance, CO; Johnstown, CO; Milliken, CO; Ault, CO; Loveland, CO. See why people come from all these places for our Orthodontist, our team and Orthodontic services.

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We have experienced doctors and state-of-the-art facilities. Our treatment philosophy is known to improve the smile and the overall health of patients, from infants (we offer Tongue Tie), teens to adults. We are hoping to see you at our office soon. Call our Lakewood orthodontic office to set your appointment. We'll welcome any questions you might have. We can also help you establish a consultation schedule with our specialist Dr. T. C. Hardy to review your unique treatment plan.

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