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Lingual Braces in EatonSeveral orthodontic treatments have been introduced in modern dentistry. Among these are less conspicuous ones namely lingual braces Eaton. Find out more about this type of orthodontic treatment as you read on.

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What are Lingual Braces Eaton?

Lingual braces in Eaton work similarly to traditional braces. They can also straighten teeth, close tooth gaps, and correct bite problems. The difference is that the archwire, ligatures, and brackets are worn on the tongue-side (inside of the teeth). These are considered to be the least conspicuous type of all orthodontic devices in straightening the teeth and that reason alone makes it a popular choice for both teens and adults.


How do Invisible Lingual Braces in Eaton work?

How Eaton lingual braces work is similar to how conventional braces work; both exert pressure on the teeth to move them slowly. However, its placement on the lingual side can create complications for the orthodontist and the patient. One complication is that there may not be enough space between the upper and lower sets of teeth to accommodate the braces. Thus, custom-made brackets are prepared by CAD / CAM after the orthodontist takes digital images and impressions of the teeth.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Lingual Braces in Eaton?

Lingual braces Eaton both have benefits and limitations. Here is a brief discussion of both, which may help you in choosing the most affordable and convenient orthodontic treatment option for you:


  • Better Aesthetics – The main, and probably the biggest advantage of the Eaton invisible braces is that they hide the brackets and wires on the inside of your teeth. Thus, making them virtually invisible.
  • Lingual braces in Eaton are less visible than Invisalign clear aligners, because the latter may still become visible sometimes due to them almost looking like plastic that can give off a sheen.
  • Lingual braces Eaton give the orthodontist better control over individual teeth' movement.


  • Possible tongue irritation – Since they are placed on the backside of the teeth, they often come in contact with the tongue. The tongue can get irritated which can lead to pain when you speak or swallow foods. They can also restrict the movement of the tongue.
  • Speech problems – For you to correctly pronounce certain words, your tongue will need to touch against the teeth. Since the brackets and wires are on the inside of the teeth where the tongue will need to touch to produce specific sounds, it can affect your speech.
  • Difficulty in Cleaning – Being on the inside, lingual braces Eaton pose special demands on regular hygiene care.
  • Application is complicated – Placing the brackets and archwire accurately behind the teeth when there is limited visibility can be a challenge and it needs more time and care than traditional braces. Special training is required on the part of the orthodontist.
  • Getting used to – It takes more time to get used to lingual braces Eaton than the other types of orthodontic treatment..


What are the features of Lingual Braces in Eaton?

  • Effectively correct most bite shift problems
  • Does not irritate gums & cheeks
  • Invisible - does not show
  • Customized for you
  • Advanced Technology Affordable Treatment

What are the FAQs about Lingual Braces in Eaton?

Taft Hill Orthodontics offers Lingual Braces in Eaton to give our neighbors even, attractive teeth regardless of their budget. We also offer various alternative treatments to suit your orthodontic needs. Conventional Eaton Metal braces, short-term, and other types of braces like Eaton Invisalign aligners, Invisalign Teen®, Eaton Clear bracket braces, surgical orthodontics, and therapy for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) are some of the procedures we perform.

Let our team provide you with the dental care you deserve at our office and give you brand-new, comfortable, and durable lingual braces Eaton. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the treatment or the cost, feel free to call or schedule an appointment with us.

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